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Application Development:

Businesses are as individual as their owners and personnel. Often, canned applications like QuickBooks do not entirely satisfy a business’s requirements. When that occurs, companies turn to HBS Consulting for specialized application development or modification.

HBS Consulting builds Windows based applications or .Net web applications. If you need a program that will help you grow your business, if you need a specialized handling of your QuickBooks data, if you have data manipulation requirements beyond the scope of Excel or Access, call us for a consultation.

Network Design and Implementation:

It is no longer enough to link two or three computers together" and call it a network. The popularity of the World Wide Web has made nearly every computer running a member of the world’s largest network. As a result, it has opened up businesses and individuals to the constant threat of attack and theft. HBS Consulting designs Windows based networks for business that secure their data investment. These designs reflect each businesses needs and will include the following considerations:

  • Internet Connectivity.
  • Email requirements.
  • File storage requirements.
  • File and data security requirements.
  • Network security requirements.
  • Remote connectivity requirements.
  • Disaster recovery requirements.

HBS Consulting then works with the client and vendors to specify and install the right equipment and applications to implement the design.

If yours is a business opening a new office or if you feel that your network needs auditing, please contact us for a free consultation.

Secure Remote Access:

In last few years, the methods available to a business to access its data remotely have exploded. Web services such as GoToMyPC and LogMeIn have made a user’s desktop available from anywhere in the world. High speed Internet access and VPN (virtual private network) tunnels have linked users to multiple resources in their offices and in satellite offices.

HBS Consulting helps businesses determine the best, most secure methodology to access their data remotely. We look at the cost of utilizing a service or of doing it in-house and implement the most cost effective solution.

When you are ready to remotely connect to your workplace, either from the airport, a hotel, a satellite office or your home, contact us for a free consultation.

Web Hosting:

As a courtesy to those clients who have asked us to build their web site, HBS Consulting provides Windows based web hosting services at a reasonable cost.

If you need a web site developed and hosted, call us for an estimate.

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